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Why in-source when you can outsource?

Starting from R1.55/minute or part thereof*, anyone can outsource their call and contact centre. Why be hassled with voluminous contracts when what you really value is flexibility and convenience?  Why pay for availability when you can pay for only what you use, when you use it?

*Terms and conditions apply

Why our call and contact centre?

  • 100% flexibility
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Seamless service
  • Best of breed call and contact centre technology
  • Transparent pricing
  • One stop shop – IT enabled services


100% flexibility – scale up or down, no voluminous contracts, no hidden costs…

We don’t fuss about paperwork, the less the better – the sooner we can handle your cus tomers calls and contacts. What we’re fussy about are your costs and service levels. You decide on notice periods. Our fine print is easy to read and understand. Depending on your needs, we can add or reduce capacity. Whether you need a basic, intermediate or advanced level of call and contact service, we have just the right profile of agent for you

Pay only for what you use

Paying for availability is expensive – availability means that you have to pay for the call or contact centre time irrespective of whether any work is done. When you pay for what you use, you’re not paying for any idle time – now that makes sense!

If you prefer – we will also consider a fixed fee per unit, eg a rate per call or contact.


Seamless service

No worrying or stressing about vacant seats or absent agents (or even new agents), power cuts, load shedding and the like – you can rest assured that we’ll continue to meet your service levels
Our philosophy is simple – we provide continuity  –  because we know what you're most interested in is whether we’re meeting your service levels or not. Whether it is offices, power supply, infrastructure, equipment, agents or management, our continuity management plans ensure a seamless service despite ad hoc disruptions as well as more severe potential disruptions, such as natural or man-made disasters.


Best of breed call and contact centre technology

Buzzline only makes use of technologies that are rated in the industry as best of breed.

Our call and contact centre has been built using OneContact Solution from Collab, an all-in-one multi-channel software platform. They are a global leader in the provision of contact centre applications.

One Contact delivers an innovative pre-integrated application suite to manage all business communications on one platform. Collab’s powerful contact centre applications and IP PBX call processing, voicemail, fax server and unified messaging capabilities extend its reach throughout the call or contact centre - connecting and empowering agents, supervisors and business users, to elevate productivity, performance and customer service.

IT enabled services

At our call and contact centre we offer a complete solution for companies that are looking to outsource call and contact centre and system requirements.

Our call and contact centre has a unique skill set. We are able to provide services using our best of breed contact centre technology platform coupled with the use of our in-house systems development team.

We have extensive experience in both managing call and contact centre services and systems development having delivered services into some of South Africa’s largest corporate companies.

We can deploy exactly what you need, when you need it. We manage the delivery of service as well as the technology platform, including support, maintenance and system upgrades.

Our call and contact centre provides a fully managed, end-to-end solution with comprehensive performance guarantees on our technology systems.

We act as a single point of contact to provide the skills to plan, build and manage your general or specific call and contact centre service that you require.

If our clients do not have their own database systems, the basic admin system employed for our call and contact centre is a custom developed solution tailored to the needs of all our clients. It is has been continuously developed over the past ten years, from the ground up, solely to service the needs and challenges of our clients. The package has been developed in such a way that it is agile and extensible, capable of adapting to future needs that may arise.

Please note that any systems that we customise for our clients remain our property while the data, information and transactions remain our your property.

Transparent pricing

Whichever model you choose:

• Availability – also referred to a ‘dedicated seat’ or

• Pay per use or

• Pay per unit

Our pricing is 100% transparent.

No hidden charges or costs.

And neither do we mark up telephony, bandwidth, bank verification costs and the like. These costs are treated as pass through costs.

Our system is supported by the following components:

• Web server

• Database management applications

It is hosted on a server dedicated to each of our clients. This server is hosted, managed and maintained in a secure data-centre operated by Hetzner.

Over and above the features of Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability of the database management system, our system also boasts the following:

• No root access – The server hosting our system has no root access available. Root access is only available to Hetzner support staff.

• Database users have limited rights. Database users are unable to modify data structure (altering or dropping data).

• Failure management – Our system is linked to two identical databases (one of which is hosted off-site). In the event of a system failure, a complete up-to-the-minute copy of the database is available for deployment.

• PhpMyAdmin (encrypted access over SSL) provides a stable and secure method for viewing the database.

• Automatic prompts to agents when a value exceeds the normal range.

The system will manage your basic data. It is an incredibly robust tool that allows superb flexibility and is therefore evolutionary in nature.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports will be generated from the database and will be used for performance feedback against SLAs and reporting as per our clients’ requirements.

Access to the database is controlled by login and password for each user, with specific functions per user identity and status, dependent on the respective levels of authorisation.

All changes, actions, etc are recorded and if required, a detailed audit report can be drawn for any particular contact (e-mail, SMS, call or fax), detailing all actions related to the particular contact. The database is secure and has two back ups – both a mirror image and various contingency plans are in place as contingency for a variety of possible scenarios.

Our system and our clients’ data are also included in our Quality Management System, since information captured on the databases should be controlled and hence mandatory fields are used and the input is controlled in order to produce the correct output, eg a specific report.

Our system is also very user friendly and almost any type of report can be drawn as the system is flexible, and can be manipulated into a variety of formats.

Since the data and information remains the property of our clients, we maintain tight security and confidentiality protocols.

Contact us to discuss your preferred solution

Competition management (campaign design, prize ideas, prize sourcing, prize fulfilment, management of prize promotions and contact and calls with winners)

Incentive and recognition: call and contact management including reward management and fulfillment programmes

Call and contact details (data) capture or ‘keying’

Call and contact verification (personal contact details and bank details)

Calls and contacts to audit mystery shopper and ‘in-store’ activations

Calls and contacts to conduct surveys and market research

Customer calls and contacts for service and support

Back office administration incl queries and escalations from calls and contacts

Telemarketing: ‘push’ and ‘pull’ calls and contacts to establish needs, create awareness,open up leads, convert leads and close sales

Inbound calls and contacts (voice calls, texting(SMS), whatsapp, facebook, tweeting, faxing or emailing)

Outbound calls and contacts (voice calls, texting(SMS), whatsapp, facebook, tweeting, faxing or emailing)

Call and contact centre services

Calls are so ‘old hat’ – ‘contact’ is what most customers prefer and we believe so do you!

Whether you prefer voice calls, IVR, texting(SMS), whatsapp, facebook, tweets, fax and even email, we can handle all your calls and contacts. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!